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1. Introduction

Health level 7 is a protocol that is used to allow medical computers from different vendors to communicate with each other.

This is an attempt to produce a simple, correct HL7 library that can be embeded in projects to enable rapid development of powerful tools and robust interfaces. I intend to provide the same interface in C, Perl and Tcl. If someone else cares to implement the same library in another language (python perhaps) I will add a contrib section to this package and happily include it as well.

This implementation makes no attempt to implement grammar rules. I am a big believer in building a simple system that works and adding to it. I plan on keeping this version of the library stable and coming out with a seperate full featured 2.3x version as well as a seperate 3.x version. Those two versions will most likely be C/C++ only versions.

1.1 Changes

This is the initial release. It has no Tcl support, minimal C support and minimal Perl support. If you are trying it out right now, you are a brave person. Feel free to tell me of any limitations that you find.

Currently the focus is on writing a decent specification, the code is just showing what I have for now.

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