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5. Questions and Answers

What is the scope of the this project?

This will be a simple implementation that gives the ability to work directly with the fields, compoments and subcomponents of an hl7 message. Correctly doing these functions will be the priority over adding any features.

What is HL7?

Check it out at

What do you plan for future versions?

I am planning on an advanced fully compliant 2.3 version of the library. Version 3.0 is an object passing model, possibly based on XML, but I don't know how soon I will be able to implement a compliant 3.0 library. I may need to see one of these interfaces in action first.

Do you do custom interface work?

I will do custom HL7 interface programming, remotely, for a fee. Please send me e-mail and I will contact you for the details.

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